Three groups of sixteen spirals figure on the panel to the right of the lectern. The spirals spin in the direction opposite to that of those on one of the pilasters reused to support the pulpit, which also present a zoomorphic motif, and, on the other side, some Flower of Life patterns. The spiral is an ancient symbol, known ever since the paleolithic era and having many meanings in almost every culture: it can be linked to the elements (air, water, the path of the sun, the seasons, etc.) or to the creative energy, in a Christian sense the emanation of the creative power of God. If it turns clockwise from the outside, as in those of this panel, it can also be the spiral of life, and since they appear in facing pairs, even if not joined together, they could be interpreted as double spirals to symbolize the opposing rhythms of evolution and involution, life and death, related to the significance of the pulpit taken as a whole: the journey of man on earth for the salvation of the soul.